Q: Do you have an App for the site

A: Yes, effective 2018 we have an App for the Android and iPhone. It is part of the subscription.


Q: What happens if I don’t receive a password or encounter any problem with the website

A: Email rgarg@aahs.org


Q: Once I register and pay, where do I access the questions

A: Go to the Question Bank Icon. Once you enter the Question Bank, you will have access to all of the questions


Q: What happens if I have trouble using this site?

A: Make sure to use an updated browser. We have listed links for the updated browsers on the front of the website.


System Requirements:


Hemeoncquestions.com works best on the most current web browsers. We suggest upgrading to any of the following, to make sure you have a great experience:


Mozilla Firefox 18 or higher
Google Chrome 25 or higher
Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 or higher
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